Debian Wine packages

The Debian packaging for Wine is now stored in a Git repository on alioth.

Downloads and information for users

Checking out Debian packaging from Git

$ sudo apt-get install git-buildpackage pristine-tar
$ git clone git://

If you need it, information about actually using Git can be found in the Git User's Manual.

But here's a tip: to update your local copy of the Debian packaging, you can do:

$ git pull

Building a local package

$ debian/maint/build

This should invoke git-buildpackage with the appropriate options.

Building a package for upload

$ debian/maint/build-final

This will invoke git-dch to generate a changelog file and open it up in an editor for you to prettify (you almost certainly need to). Once you exit the editor, the changelog is committed, and git-buildpackage is invoked to build the final packages and tag the Git tree. You could then upload the result.

Importing a new upstream release into Git

You could run uscan. But if you feel like doing things manually, first download the .tar.bz2 from WineHQ, then do

$ debian/maint/import --upstream-version <version> <filename>

If there are no merge conflicts, you're done. But if there are, you need to resolve them. It's probably cleanest to use the deb/* branches for this purpose (at least if you plan to push the result to later), though not necessarily easiest. Once the conflicts are resolved and the result committed, complete the import with

$ debian/maint/import-done --upstream-version <version>

(Note that this will replace the commit message of the merge you just did with some information from upstream's release announcement.)

Of course, follow up by building the package as described above.

Mailing list

If you're interested in contributing to the Debian Wine packages, you should subscribe to the pkg-wine-party mailing list.